Nothing to say..

I was done with this top a week ago.


I knitted it using Nidhi Kansal’s Summer of ’16 pattern with Knit Picks Comfy Sport. The top fits like a charm. The positive ease, short row shaped longer back, simple diamond panel front, subtle eyelets on the neck and sleeve, every detail was simply lovely to knit and looks great put together.


Yet I took a week to weave in the ends and take a few pics and post it here. Instead of rushing to do so, I had a strange mental block for those final steps. One big question was : What to say about this top? I knitted and it fit. 😀 😀 😀


You see, that is not much of a story to tell. Do you realize I am filling this post with pictures instead? 😀 😀

IMG_20170810_151039947_HDR I am new to this. New to making really fitting wearable stuff.  And I have no hesitation whatsoever in saying so, openly. I wasn’t born with this  ability to knit fine fitting garments and I am yet to digest the fact that I am almost capable of it now. Ha!


Especially, I want to say that in my blog, right here, because I want to share with you, you who care to read my post, about my learning process. And not simply fill the blog with spectacular results. If it inspires you a teeny tiny bit in your own creative journey, then I have done my job. 🙂


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