Curiouser and Curiouser


I have been wanting to knit socks for quite sometime.  I have heard very curious things about sock knitting. Like, there are people who knit only socks. For years. Seriously!? Is there enough fodder in sock knitting to keep you interested for years?

The ravings about heel-turning part are incredible. You hear them all the time in a sock-knitting discussion. Why, P.G.Wodehouse seems to realize the significance of heel turning!


“You came to discuss business of some sort. I don’t suppose you got far with old Mr. Saxby? No, I thought not. Was he knitting?”

Cosmo winced, her question had touched an exposed nerve.

“Yes,” he said coldly. “A sock.”

“How was it coming along?”

“I understood him to say that he had turned the heel.”

“Good. Always the testing part. Once past the heel, you’re home.

———————–“Cocktail Time” (1958)



I had attempted to knit socks twice before but in vain. I had knitted one sock each time and lost interest to make the second one. Oh there is a name for it : Second Sock Syndrome.

And then the curious names for different types of heels you can play with : Fish lips kiss heel, sweet tomato heel, afterthought heel.

Jojo heel, anyone? 😀 😀 😀

And the best part of any knitting? The yarn of course. Usually yarn is referred by its ply and weight. By the fiber name, yes. But to refer the yarn itself with the name of the item it is meant to knit?

There is no “sweater yarn”.

There ain’t any “shawl yarn”

“Hat yarn” ? – Nope.

But “sock yarn” – Yes! Sky is the limit when it comes to the variety of sock yarn there is in the market.

Oh well, it got curiouser and curiouser and here they are…  my first pair of knitted socks.


I have used Patons Kroy and Wool of Fame yarns to knit from this pattern : Rose City Rollers.  Very happy with my work this time and yes, I am officially addicted to sock-knitting for the myriads of curious things involved in it. 😀 😀



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