Knitting Habits


I am sure every knitter has some kind of … knitting habit. Like “I only knit socks”, “I am a sweater knitter”, “I like to knit shawls” etc.

I have my baggage of knitting habits, of course.

  1. I have been knitting things only using WW, DK or Sport weight yarns.
  2. I am scared of “fit” of the garments that I knit.

I wanted to move on to finer weights of yarns for a reason :  The drape one can achieve is amazing compared to the heavier weight yarns. So when an opportunity came up to knit a shawl, for a Ravelry Swap, I took a deep breath and jumped in.


I had to knit this beautiful pattern using light fingering weight yarn. I had my doubts but having committed to work the shawl, kept me in place. I was  quite a bit off-gauge so I had to re-work my numbers throughout the pattern. Overall, it was a slow process for me.

The shawl grew on my needles for nearly two and a half months.


After blocking, the length of the shawl was close to 80 inches with a depth of 18 inches. A generous wrap, warm hug around your shoulders.

I just love how it turned out.


Yes, that it one knitting habit improved. I am not that afraid of finer weight knitting, anymore. 😀 🙂


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