First Love

Though I have been crocheting for years now, I have never made a doily. Honestly, I have used crochet thread for flower  clips, keychains,  headbands, earrings but never attempted a doily.

Some eye candy for you from my older works.






See, that is almost everything but a thread doily. That is because I feel they are a bit pointless. Beautiful but what do I do with them?

Wikipedia says doilies are ornamental discs made of paper or fabric to protect furniture surfaces, food service and things like that. Oh, well!

Anyways, I have crafting friends who adore doilies and when they started a Doily-Love along as a group in Ravelry, I decided to jump in this time. And I had a vague idea about how I would “use” it too. Here is my first ever doily.


I blocked it out well and mounted on an embroidery hoop and made it my ‘earring holder.’


Well, What do you think? 🙂 I guess I might make some more, it’s kind of nice. 😀


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