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Just Keep Going Cowl



Many times in life, you are not sure of things but you just have to keep going. There is not much stopping or waiting possible. You just have to keep at it.

It is at one such time that I came up with the design of this cowl. I took a stitch pattern which I can just keep knitting without much referring to notes or charts.

I had bought a single skein of Kollage Yarns Happiness DK yarn from an LYS. It is warm, nice and soft, all that you want a yarn to be like. I used up the entire skein in the project.

It was cheerful to see the steep diagonal rows take shape, as I knitted on.

I am quite satisfied with the result. This cowl is like one soft warm hug around my neck, during the cold days.


And it reminds me to ‘just keep going’ against all uncertainties and doubts.


You can download the free pattern here from my Ravelry page.


4 thoughts on “Just Keep Going Cowl

  1. Hi, I wanted to download your lovely Just Keep Going Cowl but the hot link to your Ravelry page doesn’t go to Ravelry, it just brings up your site again. Could you give me your Ravelry user name so I can look there? Thank you.


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