Simple Celebration

(Alert : This is a photo heavy post)

We had some Harry Potter fun as part of my older one’s birthday celebrations this year. She is an avid Potterhead, so she got the eighth book as present apart from clothes and accessories.

And then we jumped into some themed fun. Now I am not going to go into details of each of these. The internet is swarming with Harry Potter crafts already. I just picked a few of them to do.

I made these wands for some of her friends.


Then we made our own personal spell book. We gave it an aged, used look too. 🙂IMG_20160818_133239

Then we packed little treats in themed fashion for the class. I used free printables from various websites, shared by generous minds.


Attached wings to snitches..

IMG_20160817_143241423_wmWe packed the treats under  HoneyDukes brand label with a Dementor Warning.


Each bag had a sorting hat game in it too.

I crocheted her a water bottle holder (of course!) and baked a simple fruit bread and some coconut cookies too. Water bottle holder pattern is from here, for anyone interested.

She was one pretty pleased kid. 🙂



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