A Quick Cowl


I have mentioned in an earlier post that I resort to blogs like Moogly for quick patterns. Yet another instance when I did that.

I had a skein of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn with me. I had been swatching with it for a while but had not come up with anything substantial. As the school year was ending, I decided to make a gift for my daughter’s class teacher. And just then I noticed that this popular beautiful ASIS is designed for the same yarn. Talk about things falling into place!


It took nearly 4 hours to make this. Such a perfect one-skein project. And a very forgiving stitch pattern. Totally enjoyed making this one. Here is the stitch closeup.


One minor glitch with the yarn is, it is not easy to rip stitches at all. It keeps forming those small knots and gets stuck. But with this particular pattern, you won’t  have to worry about that. All my ripping happened only during my earlier random swatching.


Overall, a neat and gratifying project, one especially for quick gifting needs.



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