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A textured stitch pattern

Making crochet covers for your gadget is really a good beginners project. These are small  projects and hence not intimidating. They can be kept as simple as possible using uncomplicated stitch patterns. They can be made as interesting as possible using variegated yarn, or a bit of  color work.

This is a smart phone cover I made recently with just single crochet in the round with some variegated cotton yarn.



I like the resultant thick-smooth fabric, which is great for gadget protection.

For seasoned crocheters, such small projects usually provide the much needed break from long projects and some instant gratification. 🙂


They are discreet travel projects too. You need to just carry a single ball of yarn and a hook, so you don’t scare away an innocent companion. If your stitch pattern can be easily memorized, then that is one less thing to carry.


This is a Kindle cover I made recently on a four hour long drive. I actually intended to work some other stitch from memory, but ended up with something of  my own.


That is a little chart I made up quickly, as I really liked the texture of the stitches. It is reversible too. I will try to come up with written instructions, soon. Let me know what you think.:-)


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