Quick and Simple


I love quick and simple crochet patterns. I especially feel that the simple stitches repeated over and over produce the most stunning results. Nothing against complicated patterns, but they do come in the way of an otherwise meditative crafting process. 🙂

One of my favorite website to browse for quick and simple patterns is the mooglyblog. For my daughter’s friend’s birthday, I tried to pick something easy to crochet. Scarfati appealed to me a lot. It would be a nice fashionable accessory to a nine-year-old’s wardrobe.


It took two days for me to crochet this infinity scarf. The original pattern post suggested to mix and match infinity scarves of different colors. I did not have time to make another one, so I just added a contrasting border. And the present was well liked.


I had resorted to a moogly pattern earlier too, when my daughter wanted a quick shrug. I adapted Scarlett Shrug to her size. Even with my adaptations, I must say the project went fairly quick and she was happy with her cozy shrug.


The stitch pattern kept up a nice rhythm leading to absolute crafting satisfaction. 😀


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