Knitting – My journey


I love to crochet as well as to knit. But I also have developed some subtle preferences with these two individual crafts.  I believe it is the same with many  knitters/crocheters out there.

I prefer to knit my garments as much as possible. While attempting to knit garments I have always chosen to knit the top-down style for years. I have come across top-down style as  the most-preferred, contemporary way of knitting garments and one can find loads of knitting patterns written in that way. I sure liked to make my hobby look as modern as possible. 😀

I churned out decent looking baby sweaters this way and happily moved on to adult sized clothes. After one decent-looking cardigan for me and a good-looking black shrug for a friend and I was growing confident.


Then I moved on to pullovers. The first one had an ‘unintentional hood’ at the back which was purely a gauge accident. I jumped into a test for the next one, barely managed to finish the project but ended up with boxy fit while I aimed for close fit all along. The unhappy endings of my long knitting-episodes made me look closely at what I am doing. I decided to try out something other than top-down, just to see if that can better my results.

At this stage, I was nudged by other cratfting friends to try out bottom-up style. I was looking up patterns hesitantly. A beautiful sweater was up for testing and I quickly signed up before I would start wavering again.



The sweater turned out alright and here is the fit, finally!!



And I sure have gained some insights into the bottom-up vs top-down styles of knitting, but that is for another day. 🙂


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