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My First Pattern : Adya

It has been a while since I wrote on the blog. But I am back with my first pattern. 🙂 I am pretty excited to share with you all ADYA – a textured baby hat pattern crocheted using sport weight yarn.


It features a textured stitch using cross over sc, suitable for an advanced beginner. It can be made for little boys and girls  in suitable colors. The pattern includes instructions for the flower and shares some tips on variations and upsizing the hat.


Adya is a simple crochet pattern for a textured baby hat. The word ‘Adya’ means ‘the first.’ There are many firsts in this pattern. It is simple and interesting enough for an ‘advanced beginner’ – It can be your ‘first advanced project’ if you have just learned to crochet. It is designed for little people to wear in their first year. And, it is the first free pattern from Craft Doodling.  🙂 Yay!

Pattern Information

Yarn required    :              Any sport weight yarn (approx 100g)

Hook size            :               4.0mm

Measurements of finished item

Sizing                                    :               3-12 months

Hat Circumference         :               39cm (15.2 inches)

Hat Height                          :               16cm (6.2 inches)


Stitches & Abbreviations used

ch        :           chain stitch

sl st      :           slip stitch

sc         :           single crochet stitch

dc        :           double crochet stitch

hdc      :           half double crochet stitch

cr sc     :           cross over sc (special stitch explanation given in the following section)

beg      :           beginning

Special Stitch used for the textured portion of the hat

This stitch is performed over three stitches from the previous row in one of the following ways.

  1. For beginning stitch of every round: “Ch3 into the sl st just made, 1 dc into the next st, cr sc into the sl st previous to that of ch3”
  2. For all other stitches in the round: “Skip 1 st, 1dc into each of next two sts, cr sc into the skipped stitch.”

Also note that this stitch is performed from the back of the work as you will see in the pattern.

The pattern is available as a pdf file on ravelry download. Hope you enjoy making the pattern and I would love to see your skillful takes on it. Happy crafting. 🙂


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